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Nose Jewelry
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Nose Piercing Info
 Nose piercing healing

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Nose piercing healing

Nose piercing is a popular type of body piercings and thousands of women and men get their nostrils, nose bridges and nasal septum. There are a lot of questions about the choice of the jewelry for nose piercing and the way it's done. But they all are not such significant as the question of nose piercing healing.

The main thing on which the peculiarities of nose healing depend is where exactly one has his nose pierced. If the piercing is done on the outside of the nostril the healing will last for about 2 weeks (we don't mean a complete healing). Of course during the first week there will be redness but if it increases and the swelling appears it's not a good sign. There can be an infection and one should immediately consult and visit his doctor.

If one has a septum piercing it's necessary to be more careful and examine the inside of the nose every day because a possible redness will appear there. To be ready for that it's better to have a flashlight. It may play significant role in your aftercare and keep your nose piercing clean.

The common rules for all nose piercing types are the following. The jewelry put into a fresh piercing should be made of autoclaved materials. The process of autoclave is done in extreme pressure exposing the materials to heat above the boiling point for some period. It kills all the bacteria and wearing such nose jewelry is the main guarantee that you won't be infected during the piercing. The nose piercing heals outside in and it is completely healed only when the wound from both sides are closed and the area around is healed. Of course these are not the only important points of nose piercing procedure. We don't mention the sterile equipment during the piercing and the use of cleaning and healing solutions after it. One shouldn't also hurry to take out a sterile surgical nose ring and replace it with other piece of jewelry. First get sure that your piercing is completely healed, wait a bit and then use the jewelry you like. And don't forget that it should also be sterile.

Following all recommendations of your piercer and physician and taking a proper care of your nose piercing you will be able to enjoy a good-looking and healthy piercing rather soon.

Aftercare products and healing solutions

H2ocean Mouthwash 8 Fl Oz, Cleaning And Healing Solution
H2ocean Mouthwash 8 Fl Oz, Cleaning And Healing Solution
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