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UV ball Nose Screws

Nose piercing is the art of puncturing the skin in cartilage and sometimes other parts of the nose normally for the purpose of wearing jewelry. There are different varieties of nose piercing. The nostril piercing is the most common and popular. Nowadays nose piercing has become socially acceptable almost by everybody.
UV ball is one of the most fashionable kinds of nose screws for piercing. There are different kinds of UV ball nose screws which are distinguished by the way they are put in and stay in the piercing. Among such kinds we can mention pig-tailed nose screws which are most tricky to insert and most reliable to stay there.
UV ball nose screws are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and with different prices. They are so flexible and easy to clean up. And we can't deny the fact that UV ball nose screws are very popular with the youth.

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UV ball nose screw, 18 ga (screw-off ball)
UV ball nose screw, 18 ga (screw-off ball)
Retail Price: $2.09
Your Price: $1.99

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